Change is Good!

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coins-116466_640Right after the Virtual Caregiving Conference I ordered my mom a night time urinal from Community Medical Products, one of the sponsors of the conference. When choosing the right urinal my mom and I both looked at what was available and decided on the one best fit for her. We decided this would be easier at night, she wouldn’t have to get out of bed and I wouldn’t have to wake up to help her in the bathroom. This is the one we chose:

I ordered the product and received it three days later. My mom decided she would try it that night.  We didn’t have a place to hang the urinal so we found a box that we could set it in next to her bed which would make it easier for her to use. She usually sleeps in her sweat pants that she wears during the day but she put flannel pajama bottoms on that are a little large on her. We were set! For a disaster! She wet all over herself that first night. I slept through her changing her pajama bottoms and getting back in bed.  My bad. She was angry and mouthy and promised she would never use it again.

Nothing more was said about it but she’s been getting up during the night, without waking me and going to the bathroom. I asked why she wouldn’t try the urinal anymore and she just shook her head so I figured she was done with it. Yesterday I picked up the urinal to go wash it out and store it. THE BAG WAS FULL! She’s been using it and hasn’t said a word. I asked her about it, she said she got the hang of it, she’s been practicing during the night and she wants to keep it but she hasn’t felt bad and wants to continue getting up to use the restroom during the night. She feels she’s got her strength back and can go to the restroom by herself at night. She still wants me to help her during the day because if I don’t she will get too tired out for the night. Mom says she loves the urinal, she wants to keep it here and near her bed so if she doesn’t feel well, if she’s sick or gets to cold too get up she can use it.

So, we have two hoorahs. The urinal is wonderful, she can use it now and also she is able to get up during the night and use the restroom. Okay, three hoorahs, she hasn’t been waking me up to help her to the bathroom. She says she still wants me to sleep in her room. She doesn’t feel confident enough to have me in another room.

Please, if you need just a night time urinal for your caree, trust me, Community Medical Products has great items and at a reasonable price.

Thanks for reading.