Six helpful comments from users of Male Incontinence Clamps.

We get a lot of calls and emails asking questions or commenting about Male Incontinence Clamps. Callers rarely refer to them as Penile Clamps but if you’re searching the web you’ll find them there too….you’re likely to find other interesting stuff there but they won’t address dripping and leaking like the clamps at do.
Just to clarify our Incontinence Clamps don’t make the “General”…yes most guys have named him… longer, bigger or better able to stand at attention but they do, very effectively, stop the leaking and dripping by applying gentle pressure to the urethra. At least that’s the result for most guys.
We think the questions asked and the comments made by guys like you could be very helpful for others in finding the right Clamp and understanding more about their benefits and limitations. Here’s our takeaway from lots of conversations;
1) “Clamps work and then they don’t”… “I’ve tried them all”. Except for the newbies most guys we talk with have used several different kinds of clamps. As their condition changes and sometimes the “General” changes they suggest trying something different. Many guys have several different kinds and they alternate use.
2) “Size matters”… “I’m not like I was”. That’s a reality. We don’t have any twenty year old customers. All of the rest of us, some more that others, see changes from aging or as a result of surgery or treatment. Users suggest it just means that you’ve got to find the right clamp. Some clearly apply more pressure, like the BioDerm, which may be best for the real small guys. Uriclak, may be best for the larger guys. It’s a little larger around than a toilet tissue tube so if you fit inside a tube Uriclak should work well for you. Dribblestop and the Cook cuff will adjust through size ranges. Be realistic about your size because selection is critical to a good result. Clamps generally are not returnable for obvious reasons.
3) “After a short while I can’t feel it at all”. We hope that means the clamp not your member. Tighter is not better. Your objective should be a gentle pressure. Don’t cut off the blood flow until you can’t feel it. We have heard a variety of techniques but none suggest as tight as you can get it.
4) “I dropped it in the…..” These things are expensive. Most guys say they grab it, wash it and use it again. Ten parts water and one part bleach or a germicidal wipe should clean it up. Uriclak shouldn’t be submerged so take special care to dry it. The ones with foam, BioDerm and Dribblestop and others on the market should be submerged in the cleaning solution and the pads squeezed dry several times before air drying. Don’t use a hair dryer on any of them. Some glues and plastics don’t respond well to that type of heat.
5) “I don’t want to set off the alarms at the airport”. This is a frequent question/comment. Our all plastic clamps are BioDerm and Dribblestop. We have had no reports from TSA that they present a problem.
6) “I don’t need a wet spot. What else can I do to be sure”? Even when the clamp has worked flawlessly there are many times when a wet spot on your trousers just won’t cut it and you can’t take a chance. Many of our clamp users say they keep a small supply of our Male Urine Guard, Acticuf or other products on hand for special occasions.
Finally here are some brief thoughts that apply to all clamps…ours as well as others;
1) We can’t give medical advice or guidance. When it’s something as important as putting an Incontinence Clamp on the “General” you really should talk to your doctor. Your fishing buddy’s opinion doesn’t count and neither does ours.
2) Clamps are not intended to be worn for 24 hours or to hold back pressure in your bladder. Both situations could damage your health. Intermittent use is best.
3) Clean your Clamp with a damp soapy rag and never use it when it’s wet. The ones with foam pads must be completely dry. Most men never think about skin care on that body part but a good lotion would be helpful to keep skin healthy and intact.
4) Move your Clamp around. While you might find that one spot where it really works well it’s best to give that one spot a break. Use only the pressure needed to stop the leaking. More pressure won’t stop it any more and could be damaging.
Keep the comments coming. They help us do a better job of helping you and don’t forget that one idea that might seem small to you could make a very big difference to one of our friends.
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