PantHook™ Intermittent Self Catheterization Aid

$39.95 $34.95


PantHook™ Intermittent Self Catheterization Aid

$39.95 $34.95

Keep Your Pants on, clean and out of the way!

  • Leaves both hands free to self cath.
  • Pants and underwear securely out of the way.
  • Avoid embarrassing wet spots and odors.
  • Holds the drainage bag too.

PantHook™ Intermittent Self CatheterizationThe PantHook™ is the solution for the age-old problem of not having enough hands to easily self-cath.  A discrete black panel about the size of your palm, the Pant Hook™ slides under your cushion; pull the hook up and snag your pants and underwear, and it acts like a third hand. Keeps pants and trousers securely out of the way to keeping them clean and  leaving both hands free. If you are using a closed system a secondary hook can hold the bag.

Mark Van Linden, a T10 para from Grand Rapids, Mich., is the brains behind the PantHook™. He devised the hook after two-plus years of using a “hideous-looking thing with surgical tubing” that he’d received during his initial rehab. He loved the way the device helped make cathing easier and mess-free, but hated the way it looked. Applying the skills he’s learned in the auto industry, he started prototyping a more discrete replacement in December 2012 and by February of this year he had it down.

The Pant Hook™ is already changing Van Linden’s life. When he is not working in his job with the federal government, you can find him in his van, parked by a McDonald’s so he can use the free Wi-Fi to respond to orders. “This has taken off so fast,” he says. “I can’t keep up with it! It’s like overnight stardom.”

Made in the USA.