Bright Hands Free Self-Catheterization Mirror with LED Light



Bright Hands Free Self-Catheterization Mirror with LED Light


(Re) discover your Freedom!
and feel confident to use the bathroom everywhere you are.

Bright is a hands-free compact self-standing mirror with an LED light, that makes self-cathing a lot easier.

Inserting an intermittent catheter can be tricky. Bright mirror strives to make self-catheterization as easy as possible; the Bright mirror provides you with a better view and free-hands during the process. The light switches on automatically when it is opened. Bright is designed to mount on the toilet seat or stand freely. Due to its compact design and protective cover and padded case  you can easily take it with you whenever you leave the house.

Bright mirror comes with a padded carrying case and USB charging cable. No batteries required.


About the product:
-Compact and east to carry in purse or backpack.
-Universal use on toilet seat or Self Standing for most self-cathing situations.
-Will Attach to Front of any Toilet Seat
-Rechargeable Bright LED Light. No batteries needed, ever!


Recent user comments;

“I’m having a lot of trouble with self-catheterization but this mirror helps enormously.” Daphne

“I’m very pleased with it. Works well, conveniently small, easily portable and not so expensive compared to other options.” Pi59

“I’ve had the mirror for a while now and it’s great. I cannot live without it anymore.” Marlene

“How nice someone thought about creating this product.” Marie