8 Tips on How to Use a Female Catheter Guide for Self Catheterization

The Female Catheter Guide is a helpful tool for women who self-catheterize as a result of neurogenic bladder, Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injury or for a short period of time following surgery.  It may also be helpful for caregivers helping you self cath. Some of the questions we routinely get asked:  “Do I need to have full function of my hands?”, “Do I need to transfer to a toilet?”, “Can you explain how to use?”, “How do I clean the catheter guide?”, “What size French catheter can be inserted in to the guide holes?”

Please be advised these are suggestions on how to use a Female Catheter Guide, consult your Physician before use or if you have any of these conditions:  recent surgeries to the bladder or vagina, infection in the bladder or vagina or if you have a sexually transmitted disease (STD).  Do not use the Female Catheter Guide if the following are present:  abnormal bleeding/discharge or urethral/vaginal pain.

How does it work:  When the Guide is inserted in to the vaginal opening, the vagina muscles anchors it in place and spread the labia to aid in locating the urethra.  There are 3 holes on the Guide which allow for body differences.  Once you have identified which of the holes is aligned with your urethra, insert a catheter, drain your bladder then remove the catheter and Guide!

8 Easy Tips:

8 Tips on How to Use a Female Catheter Guide for Self Catheterization1. Relax and be prepared to empty your bladder in to a toilet, urinal etc.  Community Medical Products, LLC offers a full line of urinals for the home, bed or travel.

2. Grasp the Female Catheter Guide with the insert pointing toward your body. (Illustration A)

3. Gently slide the insert in to the vaginal opening pointing toward the lower back until the Guide is fully inserted.  Lubrication can be used if you find it easier to insert.

Once the Guide is inserted in to the vaginal opening – let go. Your vaginal muscles will hold the Guide in place and now you have both hands free to catheterize.

4. The first time you use the Female Catheter Guide it may be helpful to have a Healthcare Professional or caregiver assist you in identifying which of the 3 holes align with your urethra.  (Illustration B)  Locate the appropriate hole then insert the catheter, 16 French or smaller, angling upward toward your back.

5. Continue sliding the catheter through the urethra until urine begins to flow.  When there is no further urine flow, carefully remove the catheter and the Guide by slowly sliding them out and downward.  It is your choice whether you remove catheter first then remove Guide or remove together.

6. We suggest two (2) Female Catheter Guides, one for home and one for when you are on the go/traveling.

7. The Guide should be cleaned after each use with normal soap and warm water, dried and placed in a clean container/bag until next use.  Be careful not to expose the Guide to direct cold or heat.

8. The Guide may not be effective if you have anatomical (body) variations or physical/neurological impairments.


Safe Cath’ing!

Community Medical Products, LLC. Copyright 03/14

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