Uriclak® male urinary incontinence clamp, invented of necessity.

Uriclak Male Incontinence Clamp Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Uriclak® male urinary incontinence clamp was first conceived in 2005 when its inventor, Pedro García Berruezo, starts suffering urinary incontinence resulting in dripping, leaking and dribbling as a complication of prostate cancer surgery.

After trying to use some devices available in the market and experiencing ineffectiveness to hold urine, discomfort and dis-assembly problems, he began designing the Uriclak® male urinary incontinence clamp and using it for himself.

In 2008, after three years of successful and  continuous use, his own urologist, Dr. Jose Maria Ayllon Cañones,  advised him to patent the device so that other people could use it.

In 2012 the patent is granted by the Spanish Agency for Patents and Trademarks (OEPM) and begins the process of mass production by a Spanish company, Reiner Microtek, (Deba, Guipúzcoa) with clean room and sanitary authorization of the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Product Health (AEMP).

In the short time since 2012, thousands of men around the world have used the Uriclak® male urinary incontinence clamp to help return to a normal, satisfying life free of the risk of dripping, leaking and embarrassment.

Uriclak® is available for individuals in the USA from Community Medical Products, LLC.

23/03/2014 Uriclak Dispositivo

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