Take control of male urinary incontinence.

Take control of male urinary incontinence with the Uriclak Male Incontinence Penis Clamp

Are you searching for an effective means to take back control of male urinary incontinence? There are many reasons men can lose control over leaks and dribbles; surgery, brain damage and weak pelvic floor muscles are but a few. Uriclak was created for men to offer an easy and suitable means of reclaiming control of your body.

Uriclak is a Fixer-Occuluder type of incontinence clamp (a penile clamp made from a metal structure and surrounded by soft material). This form is worn around the penis and presses softly on the urethra. Incontinence clamps are a popular alternative treatment as they do not carry the side effects, discomforts and infections commonly experienced when using drugs, diapers and urine collectors. The Fixer-Occuluder has been a popular type of incontinence clamp in America since the 1980s.

The Uriclak Male Incontinence Penis Clamp is convenient and unobtrusive

Take control of male urinary incontinence.

Uriclak is not only an effective incontinence clamp, it is comfortable and convenient to use every day. The Uriclak penile clamp can be worn for up to 8 hours in a day. This means you will have plenty of time to go about your daily routine or activities. Uriclak can help you regain control and confidence as it supports you throughout an entire working day or if you are out at an event.

The soft coating of Uriclak is comfortable to wear against the skin, and has an innovative shape inside to allow blood flow for increased comfort while in use, however pressure on the urethra prevent dribbles, post micturition dribbles and male incontinence. The top two bulges work to prevent leakages, and the bottom elongated bulge presses lightly on the urethra rather than on the penis itself. All metal workings within the Uriclak have been rounded and encased for safety.

For added subtlety when using a public urinal, you do not need to remove the device to urinate, simply press in the sides to relieve pressure and you are able to go as normal. This reduces difficulty and stains or splashes getting on to your clothing.

Take control of male urinary incontinence.Uriclak is easy to use

To use Uriclak, simply press the narrow sides together to create a circular shape. Do not press past this shape at risk of damaging the metal structure within, doing so could cause it to lose flexibility and pressure. With the elongated bulge underneath, simply slip the Uriclak onto your penis and leave in a comfortable position. Its unique shape will allow blood to flow naturally and effectively stop urine from leaking. It is recommended to urinate every 1-2 hours to prevent a full bladder.

With your Uriclak you will receive 4 pairs of different sized pressure regulators. These are inserted into the round holes on the sides to control different levels of pressure. Always start with the smallest diameter; the biggest diameter will decrease the pressure. To use the regulators, cut them from the plastic string.
It is advised to use lubricant on the Uriclak and an intimate moisturiser to maintain comfort. The Uriclak should not be worn for more than 8 hours a day and should be replaced every 6 months. Do not use the incontinence clamp if the soft cover shows any form of deterioration. After urinating, you should change the position of the Uriclak either lower or higher up along your penis.

Take control of male urinary incontinence.Designed by and for male patients of incontinence

Uriclak inventor Pedro García Berruezo started to suffer from male urinary incontinence in 2005 following prostate cancer surgery. He found many available devices on the market were ineffective at controlling the leaks, and felt they were uncomfortable and difficult to use. He then began to design and started using Uriclak.

Three years later, Berruezo’s urologist Dr Jose Maria Ayllon Cañones encouraged him to patent Uriclak and make it available for other men suffering from urinary incontinence. The Spanish Agency for Patents and Trademarks (OEPM) granted the patent in 2012 and the serial production of Uriclak began under sanitary authorisation of the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Product Health (AEMP).

Uriclak continues to deliver a comfortable and easy to use male urinary incontinence control device to patients around the world.

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