Six steps for easy use of the MiWay™ Intermittent Self Catheterization Insertion/Gripping Aid

MiWay™ Intermittent Self Catheterization Insertion/Gripping Aid

Specially designed for quadriplegics or those with limited dexterity who want to self -cath independently. Without regard to your grip strength or dexterity the MiWay™ Intermittent Self Catheterization Insertion Aid removes the challenge of safely gripping a catheter. The catheter is manipulated by placing the catheter in the slot, moving slightly to create pinch, and tilting the gripping aid to allow insertion into the urethra. Reverse the method to remove the catheter.

The Intermittent Self Catheterization Insertion Aid is designed with multiple grip surfaces, knurls and holes recognizing that “your way is the best way for you”.

Made in the USA of highly durable Bayer MAKROLON® polycarbonate.

Instructions for use.

  • Prepare the catheter and assure that steps for Clean Intermittent Catheterization (CIC) have been taken.
  • Grasp the clean MiWay™ Insertion Aid utilizing the finger, thumb and hand holds in whatever way you need to bring the open vertical slot under the catheter at about 2-3” from the tip. DO NOT TOUCH THE SLOTED END of the device.
  • With the catheter in the slot move the insertion device laterally and capture the catheter as the horizontal slot narrows.
  • With a slight tilt of the hand or wrist the catheter may now be advanced. It’s best to advance in small increments a few inches at a time by moving the insertion device laterally into and out the narrower end of the horizontal slot.
  • To remove the catheter, reverse the insertion process.
  • Washable with soap and water. It is highly recommended to use a germicidal wipe prior to each use at any point where the catheter line comes in contact with the insertion device. CLEAN AFTER AND BEFORE EACH USE.
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