Six Easy Tips for the use of the Uriclak® Male Incontinence Clamp

1)      Position the thumb and forefinger on each end of the device as shown in figure 1.




Six Easy Tips for the use of the Uriclak® Male Incontinence Clamp








2)     Squeeze with the thumb and forefinger to open as shown in figure 2. Insert the penis initially positioning Uriclak® within an inch or two of the scrotum. Note that the single raised area shown on the bottom of Uriclak® is positioned underneath or on the bottom of the penis to apply gentle pressure to the urethra. The two ridges shown at the top of figure 2 are positioning points that should be on either side of the top of the penis.




Six Easy Tips for the use of the Uriclak® Male Incontinence Clamp








3)     Release Uriclak® and determine whether the pressure is sufficient to stop the flow of urine. Many users are satisfied with the pressure and comfort at this point and need take no other steps for adjustment. Remember to reposition Uriclak® from time to time to avoid irritation.

4)     If the pressure is too great select one size from the three sizes of adjusting pins included with Uriclak®. Use a scissors to cut the pins free and insert the pair of pins, one in each hole, as shown in figure 3. Lubricating one end of the pin with the enclosed lotion, KY Jelly or Vaseline will make pin insertion easier. The larger the pins the smaller the pressure. Once the pins that work for you are installed they stay installed.




Six Easy Tips for the use of the Uriclak® Male Incontinence Clamp








5)     If the pressure is too little use surgical tape to wrap the raised area at the bottom of Uriclak®. Wrap until you have built up the area with tape sufficient to apply additional pressure to the urethra and stop the flow of urine.

6)     Steps 4 and 5 are trial and error; bigger pins result in less pressure, no pins result in maximum pressure and may well work for you. Apply surgical tape if more pressure is needed even with no pins. If hairs get in the way clip them.

It’s easy……….. squeeze Uriclak® to urinate and release to stop.

The manufacturer suggests that you empty your bladder at least every two hours while using Uriclak® and to reposition it frequently in order to avoid skin irritation. Using skin lotion is helpful. Use only with physicians guidance.

  • Use with a smaller diameter penis may require modification as described by the manufacturer at
  • Uriclak® is imported from Spain for exclusive sale to US customers of Community Medical Products, LLC.
  • Uriclak® is a Class I medical device manufactured in accordance with Royal Decree 1591/2009 of Products of Health (Spain), European Directive 93/42/CEE of 14 June 1993 and ISO 13485.Uriclak® is protected by Spanish and international patents.The spanish manufacturer Reiner Microtek, (Deba, Guipúzcoa), is authorized by the Spanish Agency of Medicine and Health Products (AEMP). Uriclak® is a registered trademark. All rights reserved.
  • Due to hygiene concerns this product is not returnable if the original manufacturers packaging is opened. HCPCS Code: A4356


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