HI-N-DRY™ Urine Collection System for Male Incontinence


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HI-N-DRY™ Urine Collection System for Male Incontinence


Urine Collection Bag for Male Incontinence

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HI-N-DRY™ Urine Collection System - Men's Briefs


Freedom Clear Silicone External Condom Catheter × 3


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HI-N-DRY™ Urine Collection System for Male incontinence

Eliminates the need for diapers, pads, leg bags or indwelling catheters


The Simplicity starter pack contains one (1) HI-N-DRY™ Collection Bag, one (1) pair of custom cotton briefs, and three (3) self adhesive condom catheters. See “Information needed to complete your order”* below.

With the HI-N-DRY™ Urine Collection System for Male Incontinence you can eliminate diapers, pads, leg bags or indwelling catheters. This System is a specially designed collection bag worn in underwear and attached to the penis, even for retracted penis,  via an easy to use condom (external) catheter. It’s discreet and, unlike clamps, comfortable and low profile. No liquid noise or fabric noise is generated while wearing or using the unit. No clothing restrictions are necessary and everything is hidden within your briefs.

How does it work?

The HI-N-DRY™ Collection Bag is connected to the body using an easy to use self adhesive condom catheter. Other than the tip of the condom catheter there are no tubes and no need for leg straps. The triangular shape of the Collection Bag follows the natural contours of the body and is worn inside the specially designed HI-N-DRY™ Briefs which features an inner pouch that prevents any contact with your body. The bag is manufactured to the highest medical standards with specific care to ensure the maximum resistance to leakage.

There is no need to remove clothing to drain the collection bag. The wearer simply stands as usual, lowers the front of the briefs to access the Outlet Tube and opens it. Light pressure is applied to drain the bag.

No One Will Know You Are Wearing It

  • COMFORTABLE …. no pressure , no pain
  • DISCRETE …. no liquid or fabric noise
  • CONVENIENT …. wear under any clothing even if retracted
  • SIMPLE …. easy to put on – easy to empty
  • CAPACITY….400 ml or 13.5 oz. with anti re-flux valve

*Information needed to complete your order;

1) The Urine Collection Bag is one size fits all. It holds 400 ml or about 13.5 ounces. You’ll get one (1) with this offer.

2) The HI-N-DRY™ Custom cotton briefs come in several sizes; Please state your brief size (S 28″-30″, M 32″-34″, L 36″-38″, XL 40″-42″, XXL 44″-46″). You’ll get one (1) pair of briefs with this offer.

3) Selecting the proper size of the condom catheter is most critical to success with this system. Please state your condom preference. Your choices are Small (28 mm), about the diameter of a Quarter and most often used by older men , Intermediate (31 mm), about the diameter of  a half dollar, Large (35 mm) rarely used by older men, or Short Seal (28 mm) made specifically for retracted penis. You’ll get three (3) condoms with this  offer. If you don’t know your size please call or you can note in your  order “I think it’s small” ….or other variations and we’ll send you two smalls and one medium so you can make sure the trial works for you. We want you to be successful.

 Instructions for Use

  • When using HI-N-DRY™ Briefs; position the Chamber Inlet Tube toward the inside and at the bottom of the briefs and slide the Simplicity Collection Bag into the briefs allowing the inlet tube to protrude from the opening in the briefs. Assure that the Outlet Valve at the top is closed.
  • If not using the custom Briefs; slide the Collection Bag into your briefs with the Chamber Inlet Tube down and facing you. Assure that the Outlet Valve at the top is closed.
  • Put on the self-adhesive Condom Catheter by rolling it on to the penis. Clip hair on your penis and any pubic hair that might get caught as the Condom Catheter is rolled to the base of the penis.
  • Put on the HI-N-DRY™ Briefs or your own underwear in the normal manner and attach the Condom Catheter Outlet tube to the Collection Bag Inlet Tube. Assure that the connection is tight.
  • To drain, lower the top of the briefs enough to access the Outlet Valve.
  • When positioned over a toilet or urinal open and aim the Outlet Valve with one hand.
  • Gentle pressure on the Simplicity Collection Bag will allow it to drain.

Follow these steps to clean the Collection Bag at least once every 3 days.

  • Have a clean backup collection bag, clamp or other drainage device ready.
  • Wash your hands well with soap and water.
  • Disconnect the collection bag from the Condom Catheter.
  • Open the Outlet Valve and drain any remaining urine from the collection bag. Close the Outlet Valve.
  • Pour some warm soapy water into the collection bag through the Inlet Tube. Swish the soap around, being sure to get the corners of the bag.
  • Open the Outlet Valve to drain the soap. Close the valve.
  • Fill the collection bag with 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water. Shake the solution a bit and allow it to remain in the bag for 30 minutes.
  • Drain the vinegar solution and rinse the bag with cold tap water.
  • Hang the collection bag with Outlet Valve open to drain and air-dry.

About Condom Catheters

Condom Catheters come in many sizes but for purposes of the HI-N-DRY™ System it’s best to think in terms of Small (about the circumference of a quarter), Intermediate (about a half dollar) and Large ( about a dollar coin), Short Seal (about the circumference of a quarter and specifically made for retracted penis). Order accordingly.

Always clean the penis before applying a Condom Catheter and after taking it off. Make sure the skin does not show any signs of damage such as sores or cuts. Sometimes the adhesive that secures the urinary condom device into place around the base of the penis can cause irritation. If the skin shows signs of skin breakdown the device should not be reapplied until the skin heals properly.

Remember, urine is an irritant to the skin and regular cleaning of any leakage is very important. Barrier creams should not be used on or near the penis as this may cause the urinary condom to slip off or leak.

The National Association for Continence recommends that condom catheters are changed at least once daily. Manufacturers of condom catheters include wear time instructions with the device as well, and in many cases also recommend changing at least once every 24 hours. It is recommended that you talk to your healthcare provider about any skin care concerns you may have.