SimplClamp™ penile clamp


SimplClamp™ penile clamp


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SimplClamp™ is a newly designed penile clamp for male urinary incontinence. A board-certified Urologist created the new design modifications in order to improve comfort, effectiveness and to provide a sizing choice based on normal differences in male anatomy. You’ll love the simplicity of use and the result. Consult your healthcare provider prior to use.


Select the size best for you

Apply just the pressure you need

Low profile and discreet

No foam to wear out or soil

Easy to clean with soap and water

SimplClamp™ is available in two sizes. Either will work for most men but the “Large”, if you are longer, provides a little bit more pressure area. Both sizes accept a penis circumference of approximately 2 1/3  inches or 6 cm.

“Standard” size (5/8″ X 3/8″ pressure area) accommodates men with a shorter penis which sometimes results from prostate cancer surgery or treatment…or just a normal result of aging.

“Large” size (5/8″ X 5/8″ pressure area) provides more surface pressure area for longer men who have the space for it. Circumference capacity is the same on both sizes and both are proven to do the job.

SimplClamp™ is infinitely adjustable which helps with comfort, safety, and stopping drips and leaks. The tightening mechanism is easy to use and allows for minor changes in tightness and repositioning. Successful clamp users know that the ability to make small adjustments is critical to success.

This means SimplClamp™ can be used effectively by most patients with urinary incontinence and will help prevent sores from developing because it can easily be moved to different areas of the penis.

Its compact design means SimplClamp™ is low profile and more concealable than other more bulky penile clamps. It’s designed to be discreet.

Because SimplClamp™ does not have any foam material like many other clamps it does not get as easily soiled and therefore lasts longer. It is easy to clean with warm soapy water.

Any man suffering from stress urinary incontinence should consider adding this clamp to their toolbox. It will solve the problem or at a minimum be a different option for a sore penis.

Allows Blood Circulation

SimplClamp™ does not apply any pressure to the sides of the penis. Since blood circulation is unrestricted, the clamp is comfortable and safe for control of drips and leaks. Do not use while sleeping. Loosen or take the clamp off every 2-3 hours to prevent sores. Change location on the penis frequently to avoid irritation or skin breakdown. Clean frequently with soap and water.

Consult your healthcare provider prior to use.

SimplClamp™ Specifications

  • Thickness: Standard (S)-7/16 inch, Large (L)-5/8 inch
  • Width (screw to screw): S&L-2-3/4 inch
  • Height (screw mechanism tip to tip): S&L-1-3/8 inch
  • Opening (top to bottom): S&L 3/4 inch (accepts penis circumference of approx 2 1/3 inches or 6 cm)
  • Application: Male Incontinence Care
  • Materials: Not made of natural latex, DEHP free

Manufactured in the USA

Due to hygiene concerns, this product is not returnable if the original manufacturer’s packaging has been opened.

HCPCS Suggested Code: A4356


Standard- FS-1800-S

Large- FS-1800