Unisex Urinal with Cap

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Unisex Urinal with Cap

The A+ Medical Unisex Urinal with Cap for urinary incontinence is a wide mouthed urinal that feature a snap-on-lid that is spill proof to reduce the risk of urine spills. These urinals are ideal for non-ambulatory patients, because they are designed for use in any position. They are especially well designed for use by female patients in bed or wheelchair because the anatomical shape can be pressed against the body to eliminate leaks. These urinals feature an extra large 1,000 cc capacity. The large capacity design reduces the risk of overflow.

A+ Urinals are latex free to reduce the risk of irritation due to latex allergies. These urine bottles are opaque, so that they will not appear stained after several uses.

Unlike other urinals, these can be used in reclining, sitting or laying down positions.

To Clean rinse  the UrineAll after each use with soapy water. Sanitize the bottle by soaking it in one part bleach to one part water. After sanitizing, rinse thoroughly.

The package comes complete with instructions for use in bed and in a wheelchair.

UrineAll Urinal Features and Benefits

  • Can be Used in a Variety of Positions
  • For convenience or urinary incontinence
  • Extra large 1,000 cc Capacity
  • Snap-on Lid is spill proof