Leg Separator, Fully Adjustable w/Mirror & Light

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Leg Separator, Fully Adjustable w/Mirror & Light

$561.38 $299.99

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Fully Adjustable Hospital Grade Leg Separator with Mirror and Light

Separates the knees and keeps them in position for catheterization. Width adjustable in 5 steps. Made of easy to clean aluminium, with soft cushioning. Can be folded together for storage or transport. The knee pieces are placed directly above the knees with the implement in folded-up position. By gently pressing downwards the knees are spread and kept in this position. The locking device can be used for additional fixation. The easy to assemble mounting for mirror and light can be positioned in any direction to improve visibility.

Ideal for Healthcare Professionals

Medical device for women enabling them to perform Intermittent Self-Catheterization (ISC) without help.  Also can be used by healthcare professionals to catheterize women (indwelling or Intermittently) with muscle spasms without assistance. The device, when used with the mirror and light is a useful aid for teaching the ISC process and when assistance is needed to find the urethral opening. Helps combat problems with leg muscle spasms by spreading the thighs and securely holding them in position. Both hands remain free for the process of catheterization.

The leg separator is adjustable to several widths. It is equipped with a mirror and a battery-powered light whose mountings can be turned into all directions.

It is made of easy-care aluminium and can be folded up for transportation.


First adjust leg separator to required width by loosening the black plastic knob and  transferring it to the required position and refastening it.

Fold the leg-divider up and place the semi-circular thigh holders on the inside of the thigh directly behind the knees. Press the middle part down to spread the knees. The leg separator will lock in this position. You can secure it additionally by sliding the green securing piece into the middle.


To clean use water or soapy water. To disinfect, use a disinfectant appropriate for surfaces that is safe to be used around children.  Cold sterilization only, steam will damage the synthetic material!

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