HI-N-DRY™ Urine Collection System – Men’s Briefs



HI-N-DRY™ Urine Collection System – Men’s Briefs



HI-N-DRY™ Urine Collection System- Men’s Briefs

The HI-N-DRY™ Urine Collection System Men’s Briefs are specially made to discreetly contain the HI-N-DRY™ System Urinary Collection  bags which are sold separately. The briefs are specially designed with an inner pouch that prevents the urine collection system from coming in contact with your body and supports it effortlessly. Made from 95% cotton, the briefs come in five different sizes.

Users like the fact that the HI-N-DRY™ System briefs look exactly like any other briefs and with the drainage bag in place and in use no one will ever know you are wearing a urinary drainage system. While the System can be used without these custom briefs, wearing them makes the process much easier and, many say, much more comfortable as the built in pouch keeps the bag away from skin, hair and a generally sensitive area. The inlet connector at the bottom of the HI-N-DRY™ Collection Bag slips through a slit at the bottom of the pouch to allow direct connection to the external catheter.

Features & Benefits

The briefs hide and support the HI-N-DRY™ Urine collection bag.

Comfortably holds the Simplicity Urine collection bag.

Very well made, washable, reusable.


Washing instructions – Hand Wash Cold, Do not Bleach, Hang to Dry, Cool Iron (if needed).



Composition – 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex

Small 28″ – 30″

Medium 32″ – 34″

Large 36″ – 38″

XL 40″ – 42″

XXL  44″ – 46″