Cook® Continence Cuff for male incontinence

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Cook® Continence Cuff for male incontinence

$116.60 $89.99

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Cook® Continence Cuff

Used for temporary control of male urinary incontinence due to surgery or neurogenic disorder. Supplied non-sterile. Reusable. Intended for single patient use only.

Works in a similar manner to an incontinence clamp, penis clamp or a penile clamp to relieve dripping and leaking relating to incontinence in men.

The cuff straps comfortably around the penis and a small syringe is used to inflate  the balloon to provide pressure on the urethra.  Often  selected due to it’s comfort and wide range of adjust ability.


  • Inflatable Continence Cuff
  • Syringe for inflation

Cook® Continence Cuff for male incontinence

Major elements;

1) Velcro® hook and loop ends for attachment and adjustment

2) Inflation check valve

3) Balloon to provide pressure on the urethra

4) Needleless syringe for inflation

Instructions for use;

1) The Continence Cuff should be placed 1-2 inches from the scrotum with the balloon underneath the penis.

2) Wrap the cuff around the penis and attach by overlapping the hook and loop ends. When comfortable with the fit cut off excess material at the loop end. The loop end is the one that is softer to the touch.

3) Wrap the adjusted cuff around the penis and assure that the balloon is properly positioned below the penis/urethra.

4) Insert the syringe and inflate the balloon until continence is achieved.

5) Closely follow package instructions regarding the correct volume of air for inflation and duration of use.

Cleaning instructions;

1) Hand wash in mild soap and water. Do not machine wash.

2) Rinse well until all soap residue has been removed.

3) Air dry.

Cautionary notes and warnings;

Please read and follow all cautionary notes and warnings.

Caution: Federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a Physician. 

Contraindications: There are no known contraindications.

For additional product information and to see the detailed instructions for use please use the following link;

Due to hygiene concerns this product is not returnable if the original manufacturers packaging is opened.

HCPCS Suggested Code: A4356

Made in the USA