Number One Male Incontinence Urinal


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The Number One Male Incontinence Urinal (1,000 cc) for male urinary incontinence was designed by Patty Sands in the process of caring for her husband and her father, both military veterans, during their illnesses.  The problems and “challenges” with urinals were more than she could tolerate…so she invented #1.

Patty wasn’t the first to discover that urinals are tipped when you use them in bed, hold a very small amount of urine when tipped and at that point spill very easily….but she was the first one to fix it!!!

The result is “#1″…THE slip, tip, spill and crush resistant urinal.

  • Ergonomic design: Wide, wedged base fits under the thighs, stays there comfortably for hands free use
  • Resists forward spills: Typical low cost urinals hold 75 cc at at a 30 degree angle...#1 holds 425 cc*
  • Greater stability: Patented “S” Platform keeps the body OVER the urine
  • Perfect for Bariatric use. Fits between the thighs w/no sharp edges. Cheap urinals will crush…#1 will not*
  • Day Glo lid makes #1 easy to locate in the dark!

#1 Male Urinal was designed & patented to correct the design flaws of typical urinals. In facilities and at home fewer spills = less cost, less labor, less mess, less upset. Graduated to 32-oz./1000 cc with easy to read LARGE lettering. Solidly built for years of use. Large urinal opening has been finished so as to not irritate sensitive and frail skin. For use in bed, chairs, wheelchairs and cars. Appropriate for a man in recovery in home health, hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities. Also appropriate for truckers, long distance car rides, camping, boating, airplanes; as well as military use. Cleaning instructions are molded on to the urinal.

We checked Patty’s claims and here’s what we found;

*….the “Resists forward spills” claim is understated. #1 will tip to about 45 degrees holding 425 cc before spilling. Also, it will hold about 1,300 cc laying flat. 

*…..the “Bariatric use” claim is be about comfort and crush resistance (below). #1 has rounded edges and tapered sides that will make it easier on large thighs. 

*….the “No crush” claim of #1 was tested by standing on it and we can verify that it will support 190 lbs. without damage. We tested a low cost urinal and with that weight crushed it.

 Assembled in the USA using imported and domestic materials.
Customer feedback;
12/26/15 – Best design and utilitarian male device available. We ordered two. Designed to avoid spillage. P. D. M. CA, USA