Advantage Urinal Systems, Male Incontinence Urinal (Comfort Model)


Advantage Urinal Systems, Male Incontinence Urinal (Comfort Model)

The Advantage Urinal System is perfect for those with urinary incontinence, wheelchair bound, home bound or require assistance with toileting. Advantage Urinal provides patients and caregivers with new freedom, flexibility and a wide variety of benefits: Decreases Infection, Decreases Urine Spills, Reduces Accidents, Increases Dignity & Independence, Decreases Excess or Nighttime Ambulation.

Urine Drains directly into the bag to safely manage night time or bed bound urinary incontinence. As with all the Advantage Urinal Systems, urine rapidly drains from urinal, through the tube, into a 2-liter collection bag, leaving the urinal empty and ready for the next use. No need for a lid or cap. This allows the individual to have access to an empty urinal throughout the night without ever having to get out of bed. This greatly reduces falls, caregiver workload, odor, spills, briefs and catheter use. This product saves time and money while promoting dignity and independence.

The Comfort Model provides padding around the mouth of the urinal for men that sleep with the urinal in the ready position. The foam is made up of a closed-cell, non-absorbent polyethylene, making it germ-resistant and non-porous.

The Advantage Urinals Are Incontinence Products that are also Night Fall Reduction Devices!


* Stay In Bed While You Use Them!
* No More Trips To The Bathroom At Night!
* Large Capacity. Use All Night. Empty In The Morning!
* Unique Design Practically Eliminates Spills!
* Perfect Solution For Caregivers!