Extremely satisfied Wellness Briefs customer

We’ve just received this unsolicited email from one of our happy customers. We’ve hidden his name to protect his privacy. It’s great to hear that Wellness Briefs have changed his life. Here’s what he had to say;
From: J N
Date: Monday, February 8, 2016
Subject: Extremely Satisfied Customer
My name is J N, I have just started wearing the Wellness Brief, I can say they are the best brand diaper out there verses the many many other brands I have tried over the years. I wear the extra large disposable diapers with tabs on the side. I can literally go hours without  having to change considering I have bladder incontinence.

Years back I used to always having to rush to the restrooms, not anymore I gained the confidence up to wear and use my adult diapers and I don’t to rush anymore. I just let my bladder go and let the diaper do its job.
The only issue was changing my diapers  frequently because of poor absorbency. Over the years of wearing adult diapers 24/7, I am now completely bladder incontinent and happy to know I am not anxious or stressing to find the nearest restrooms.
Wearing adult diapers 24/7, I am more confident, less anxious, happier, very comfortable to wear and they protect your clothing and bed from getting wet.
I am hooked on Wellness Briefs because the superior quality. I love them and wear them 24/7 and do not have to change as often.
Wearing diapers is nothing more than wearing glasses. It improves ones lifestyle and wearing diapers, only you have to know.
Thank you,
Houston, Texas
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