Bright Mirror- for hands free self-catheterization

Bright Mirror

Unfortunately, there is a large number of women that for various reasons are unable to empty their bladder independently. This problem can be caused by neurological afflictions, such as multiple sclerosis (MS) or spinal injury. It can also occur after extremely prolonged labor, or when the bladder, by whatever cause, is not emptied (urinary retention). Unfortunately, some patients require a permanent indwelling urinary catheter which often causes significant discomfort and complications, such as infections. Others can solve the problem with intermittent self-catheterization; emptying the bladder at regular intervals during the day. This method is much less burdensome and is known to cause fewer complications. To make self-catheterization as easy as possible, MMID, on the initiative of Martin Bucx, anesthesiologist at Radboud University Medical Center developed a tool that is far more effective than previously available. This tool ensures more women are eligible for self-catheterization, and it provides them with the option to catheterize outside the home, for instance in a public restroom. This helps the user to keep their independence and to experience only minor limitations in their social activities.

Self-catheterization isn’t necessarily easy to do; it requires a proper view of the urethral opening and excellent dexterity. This could cause issues, particularly for women with poor eyesight, limited motor skills, and older women. Martin Bucx noticed this when his mother, after an operation, became reliant on self-catheterization for the rest of her life. “The problem was that my mother just couldn’t see what she was doing. I searched everywhere for an effective tool, but unfortunately, it just didn’t exist yet.”

He realized the ideal tool had to have a mirror that could be placed on the seat of an average toilet and it had to have a lamp, to help the user see what exactly she is doing. That will give her a stable and good view, and she will have both hands free to insert the catheter.

Community Medical Products LLC (CMP), Wisconsin USA, is proud to have partnered with MMID for the launch of the Bright Mirror in the US and Canada. Many women who find themselves faced with the challenges of self-catheterization will benefit from this amazing device. It can be found on our website via this link; The Bright Mirror is also available from CMP on and EBAY.

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