Benefits of the CryoTen® Achilles Tendon Cold Therapy System

From the Desk of Dr. A.Marco Scatena, Olympian, Inventor and Entrepreneur

Capannori – Lucca, Italy

Benefits of the CryoTen® Achilles Tendon Cold Therapy System


One of the paradoxes of sports podiatry is that even though the Achilles tendon is the strongest, thickest tendon in the body, it’s also the site of frequent overuse injuries.

Despite the strength of the Achilles, injuries do happen : strains, tendinitis, bursitis, occasionally a rupture.

Although runners suffer bursitis and traumatic injuries, such as a rupture of tear, by far the most common injury to the Achilles is tendinitis.

Runners today run on hard surfaces and stress the calf muscle, which pulls on the Achilles and creates strain, mild tears and inflammation.

It can be estimated that about 50% of runners suffer of this injury during their activity.

When it occurs the solution is to stop running completely.

During this recuperative period the only and natural solution is the ice, in other words a drug free therapy: cryotherapy.

Benefits of the CryoTen® Achilles Tendon Cold Therapy SystemUp today this application was possible only staying on a chair keeping the tendon over an ice-container for at least 40-50 minutes with the consequence that the “patient” could not do other things.

The aim of CryoTen® is to solve this matter, permitting the “patient” his daily work, maintaining his mobility i.e. driving the car, sitting normally, walking for short distance, in other words avoiding the boring ice application with the leg over a chair.

As well-known fact, as substitute of the ice, other products can be used as the spray liquid, whose action is due by the carbon dioxide and, cold-hot packs, whose action is due to a special gel and others but all these applications are not easy to use and not specific like CryoTen® its peculiarity is that is specific to the Achilles tendon only.

The peculiarity of CryoTen® is that has the anatomical shape of the

tendon in order to adhere perfectly to it, therefore it’s supplied as the right (R)

as the left (L) one.

The recommended application of CryoTen® is for 20-25 minutes and after 2-3 hours

from the injury or inflammation make another application.

For this reason CryoTen®  is supplied as follows :


N° 2 CryoTen® : 1 for the instantaneous application and one for the consequent one,
N° 1 thermic bag for having  CryoTen®ready for the second application,
N° 1 elastic pocket for avoiding a direct contact of CryoTen® with the skin.

no more ice bags…

CryoTen®is the answer for the cure and the prevention

of inflammation to the Achilles tendon.

InsertCryoTen® immediately after your training

between the socks and the inflamed tendon

you should continue your daily work.

CryoTen®has an anatomic shape in order to adhere perfectly to

the inflamed tendon and is Right – R – and Left – L

The ice-effect will last about 20’and the best advice is one application in case of prevention and two applications in case of inflammation.

The prolonged use for more of one hour is not advised.

Keep always two or three CryoTen® in the freezer in order to get one into the socks and one or two with you, using its portable cooler.

Should symptoms increase you should immediately consult a physician.



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